MX3 Coffee

I heard the radio ad about MX3 coffee long time ago. So when I was in Victoria Plaza mall last week, I picked up 2 sachets while walking beside a health store. I am not a loyal coffee drinker. I like tasting different brands. The MX3 brand has a lot of products like soap, tea, jam, capsule but I only tried their coffee. MX3 Coffee is a blend of mangosteen and premium coffees. Well, mangosteen is a small fleshy fruit of the Garcinia mangostana plant prized in Asian medicine for many centuries. No other fruit comes close to the high concentration of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral compounds. If you want to turbo-charge your immune system, eat this fruit. The health effects of this fruit are credited by a powerful anti-oxidant called xanthones.

Here are some health benefits of xanthones.

Anti Aging
Anti Neuralgic
Anti Allergy
Anti Obesity
Anti Asthma
Anti Osteoporosis
Anti Alzheimerian
Anti Oxidant
Anti Arthritis
Anti Parkinson
Anti Periodontic
Anti Cataract
Anti Pyretic
Anti calculitic
Anti Psoriasis
Anti Diabetes
Anti Astherosclerotic
Anti Diarrheal
Anti Tumor
Anti Fatigue
Anti Cancer
Anti Depressant
Anti Ulcer
Anti Fungal
Anti Vertigo
Anti Glaucoma
Anti Viral
Anti Insomia
Anti Hemorrhoid
Anti Hiatal Hernia
Anti Migraine

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